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Как добавить mp3 плеер в свой блог
саксофон уроки

Нужно просто скопировать HTML код:

<a title="саксофон уроки" href=""><img height="" width="" border="0" style="border: 0pt none;" title="саксофон уроки" alt="саксофон уроки" src="" /></a>
<!-- >>> Modules Anywhere >>> --><lj-embed id="16">
<object height="100" width="300" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
    <param value="transparent" name="wmode" />
    <param value="" name="movie" />
    <param value="mp3=|| - Blue Train.mp3| (Donna Lee).mp3|'s The Time.mp3|| Rollins - St. Thomas.mp3| Rollins - Doxy.mp3| Rollins - The Eternal Triangle.mp3| Rollins - Oleo.mp3| Golson/Benny Golson - Killer Joe.mp3| Golson/Benny Golson - Autumn Leaves.mp3| Golson/Benny Golson - I Remember Clifford.mp3| Golson/Benny Golson - Whisper Not.mp3| Berg/Bob Berg - Back Home.mp3| Berg/Bob Berg - Bruze.mp3| Berg/Bob Berg - The Diamond Method.mp3| Adderley/Cannonball Adderley - Jive Samba.mp3| Adderley/Cannonball Adderley - Mercy Mercy.mp3| Adderley/Cannonball Adderley - One for Daddy-O.mp3| Sanborn/David Sanborn - Butterfat.mp3| Sanborn/David Sanborn - Chicago song.mp3| Sanborn/David Sanborn - Run For Cover.mp3| Sanborn/David Sanborn - Straight To The Heart.mp3| Sanborn/David Sanborn - The dream.mp3| Sanborn/Sting and David Sanborn - Ain't No Sunshine.mp3| Gordon/Dexter Gordon - Cry Me A River.mp3| Gordon/Dexter Gordon - Lullaby Of Birdland.mp3| Gordon/Dexter Gordon - Round Midnight.mp3| Bartz/Gary Bartz - Bloomdido.mp3| Henderson/joe henderson - Body and Soul.mp3| Henderson/Joe Henderson - Dreamer.mp3| Henderson/Joe Henderson - Felicidade.mp3| Griffin/Johnny Griffin - 63rd Street Theme.mp3| Griffin/Johnny Griffin - If I should lose you.mp3| Griffin/Johnny Griffin - Isfahann.mp3| Hodges/Johnny Hodges - Esquire Swank 1946_1.mp3| Hodges/Johnny Hodges - Pretty Little Girl 1955_1.mp3| Redman/Joshua Redman - Hide and seek.mp3| Redman/Joshua Redman Elastic Band.mp3| g/Kenny G - Going Home.mp3| g/Kenny G - Havana.mp3| Garrett/Kenny Garrett - Gtds.mp3| Garrett/Kenny Garrett - Happy People.mp3| Garrett/Kenny Garrett - Tango In 6.mp3| Garrett/Kenny Garrett - Wayne_s_Thang.mp3| Whalum/Kirk Whalum - Soweto.mp3| Whalum/Kirk Whalum - Waltz For David.mp3| Whalum/Whitney Houston and Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You.mp3| Brecker/Michael_Brecker_-_African_Skies.mp3| Brecker/Michael_Brecker_-_Slings_and_Arrows.mp3| Brecker/Michael_Brecker_-_Song_For_Bilbao.mp3| Brecker/The Brecker Brothers - Funky Sea Funky Dew (1978).mp3| Brecker/The Brecker Brothers - Some Skunk Funk .mp3| Desmond/Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond - Blue Rondo A La Turk.mp3| Desmond/Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond - Take The 'A' Train.mp3| Desmond/Paul Desmond - Take Five.mp3| Woods/Phil Woods - Body And Soul.mp3| Woods/Phil Woods - The Stanley Stomper.mp3| Getz/Stan Getz - Cherokee.mp3| Getz/Stan Getz - Corcovado.mp3| Getz/Stan Getz - desafinado.mp3| Getz/Stan Getz - Misty.mp3| Getz/Stan Getz - the_girl_from_ipanema.mp3&amp;title=Coltrane - Giant Steps|Coltrane - Mr._P.C|Coltrane - Blue Train|Parker - Indiana|Parker - Now's The Time|Parker - Ornithology|   Sonny Rollins - St. Thomas|Sonny Rollins - Doxy|Sonny Rollins - The Eternal Triangle|Sonny Rollins - Oleo|Benny Golson - Killer    Joe|Benny Golson - Autumn Leaves|Benny Golson - I Remember Clifford|Benny Golson - Whisper Not|Bob Berg - Back Home|Bob Berg -    Bruze.mp3|Bob Berg - The Diamond Method|Cannonball Adderley - Jive Samba.mp3|Cannonball Adderley - Mercy Mercy|Cannonball Adderley    - One for Daddy|David Sanborn - Butterfat|David Sanborn - Chicago song|David Sanborn - Run For Cover|David Sanborn - Straight To    The Heart|David Sanborn - The dream|Sting and David Sanborn - Ain't No Sunshine|Dexter Gordon - Cry Me A River|Dexter Gordon -    Lullaby Of Birdland|Dexter Gordon - Round Midnight|Gary Bartz - Bloomdido|joe henderson - Body and Soul|Joe Henderson - Dreamer|   Joe Henderson - Felicidade|Johnny Griffin - 63rd Street Theme|Johnny Griffin - If I should lose you|Johnny Griffin - Isfahann|   Johnny Hodges - Esquire Swank 1946_1|Johnny Hodges - Pretty Little Girl 1955_1|Joshua Redman - Hide and seek|Joshua Redman Elastic    Band|Kenny G - Going Home|Kenny G - Havana|Kenny Garrett - Gtds|Kenny Garrett - Happy People|Kenny Garrett - Tango In 6|Kenny    Garrett - Wayne_s_Thang|Kirk Whalum - Soweto|Kirk Whalum - Waltz For David|Whitney Houston and Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You|   Michael_Brecker_-_African_Skies|Michael_Brecker_-_Slings_and_Arrows|Michael_Brecker_-_Song_For_Bilbao|The Brecker Brothers - Funky    Sea Funky Dew (1978)|The Brecker Brothers - Some Skunk Funk|Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond - Blue Rondo A La Turk|Dave Brubeck and    Paul Desmond - Take The 'A' Train|Paul Desmond - Take Five|Phil Woods - Body And Soul|Phil Woods - The Stanley Stomper|Stan Getz -    Cherokee|Stan Getz - Corcovado|Stan Getz - desafinado|Stan Getz - Misty|Stan Getz - the_girl_from_ipanema&amp;autoplay=0&amp;loop=0&amp;showstop=1&amp;showvolume=1&amp;bgcolor1=696969&amp;bgcolor2=0c0c0c&amp;slidercolor1=cccccc&amp;slidercolor2=999999&amp;buttoncolor=ffffff&amp;buttonovercolor=efea1b&amp;sliderovercolor=efea1b&amp;shuffle=1&amp;width=300&amp;height=100&amp;textcolor=ffffff&amp;playlistcolor=333333&amp;playlistalpha=100&amp;currentmp3color=ffff00&amp;showlist=1&amp;showplaylistnumbers=0&amp;scrollbarcolor=ffffff&amp;scrollbarovercolor=efea1b&amp;loadingcolor=efea1b" name="FlashVars" />
    There seems to be an error with the player !

</lj-embed><!-- <<< Modules Anywhere <<< -->


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